Situated 6 min from the hotel by car, Le Plan B offers you a home cooking based on fresh products. You can also enjoy occasional small concerts while dining out. 860,Avenue de l'aéroport - 83400 Hyères les Palmiers. Reservations on 04 94 61 15 70.


06 min.



Convivial restaurant on the Port of Hyères facing the boats which offers you a seafood cuisine, French and tasty. Come and eat or just have a drink in this family atmosphere, facing the blue sea. 6 Avenue Stephen Liegeard, Port de Hyères, 83400 Hyères. Book on 04 94 57 44 90.


05 min.



Ideally located on the port of Hyères, the smiling and attentive team of Vice Versa invites you to its restaurant, tapas wine bar, to discover its unique, comforting and intimate universe. For unforgettable moments of relaxation and gourmet delicacy, come and taste our gastronomic cuisine combining original "home-made" recipes and fresh seasonal produce; all accompanied by a selection of fine wines and a warm atmosphere. Reservations at : 04 94 65 23 90 The Port of Hyères les Palmiers, Avenue du Dr Robin - 83400 Hyères les Palmiers


05 min.



On the quay of honour of the port of Hyères, just in front of the blue waves and the most beautiful boats of the Mediterranean, is a restaurant with an unusual architecture, in the shape of a cetacean: "La Trattoria - la Balena", with Italian specialities to be tasted. Their new concept will seduce young and old, but also small and big eaters, from antipasti to complete dishes! Reservations on: 04 94 57 59 21 59 Avenue du Dr Robin - 83400 Hyères - France


05 min.



La paillote du Niel welcomes you in its idyllic and relaxed atmosphere. You will be able to appreciate the calm and authenticity of the small fishing port of Niel while enjoying a fresh fruit cocktail, like savouring a grilled fish of the day. Reservations at : 04 94 31 03 40 Port du Niel, 83400 Hyères.


13 min.


Restaurant de saison ouvert d'Avril à Octobre.


The trendy spirit of "Eugène Bain de Mer" is innovative and creative when it comes to taste. It is a project that is as much about the terroir as it is about the freshness of the products. A guaranteed journey through inventive and original "World cuisine" dishes. With family, friends or simply on a lunch break, this is the place you will love to be. "Eugène Bain de Mer" also means refinement and simplicity. An invitation to dream in a very special, thoughtful, harmonious decoration where every detail has been thought out for your well-being. A delicious mix between sweet and salty. Electric and inventive culinary compositions combining the spirit of tradition, innovation and modernity. Tasty meals, but also the possibility of having a drink in the shade of the parasols on the deckchairs facing the sea. Boulevard des Girelles, Plage de l'Ayguade, 83400 Hyères. Reservations at : 04 94 38 93 21


10 min.


Restaurant saisonnier ouvert du 1er Mai au 30 Septembre.


Traditional French cuisine. Fresh seasonal products, home-cooked, Corsican and Italian specialities. Ripened cheeses. Estate wines and cocktails. 8 Cours Strasbourg, 83400 Hyères. Reservations at : 04 83 99 14 04


15 min.



La Cabane is a must in the city, and even in the department! Renewed every two months, the slate card does not allow you to get bored. Not forgetting their mojitos of the moment not to be missed! All in a cosy and zen atmosphere. 214, avenue Edouard-Aiguier, La Moutonne, 83260 La Crau. Reservations at : 04 94 57 47 19.


20 min.



In the south of France, in Provence, ideally located on the port of Hyères, with a breathtaking view of the boats, facing the Golden Islands, the Brasserie des îles benefits from a prime location on the quay of honour of the port of Saint Pierre. Specialities of the sea and Mediterranean influences, the Brasserie des îles offers you a quality cuisine, elaborated with fresh products coming for the great majority from Artisans: lobster from Porquerolles, Breton blue lobster, beef selected by the Boucherie Arnoux in Le Pradet, artisanal ice creams from the Maison Sarroche, olive oil from the Moulin du Haut Jasson in La Londe-les-Maures... Gourmets and gourmands, the Brasserie des îles is a true invitation to happiness by offering a cuisine close to the people, which warms the soul. 21 Avenue du Dr Robin - Port Saint-Pierre - 83400 HYÈRES. Reservations at : 04 94 57 49 75


05 min.



A Mediterranean cuisine, authentic and uncomplicated... The Carte Blanche restaurant, located in old Hyères, has been delighting travellers and gourmets from the Var since it opened in 2015. Discover the flavours of our region around fine and gourmet dishes. 3 Rue des Porches 83400 Hyères. Reservations at : 04 94 23 51 56.


10 min.



Friendly restaurant on the Port of Hyères. Come and enjoy a delicious French and traditional cuisine in front of the sea and the boats. Address: 4 Port de la Gavine, 83400 Hyeres Les Palmiers. Reservations on 04 94 38 59 34.


05 min.